ISIS Cat Photo Memes Attempt To Use Kittens As Propaganda For The Islamic State

The ISIS terrorist group is practically mocking the world using social media and the ISIS beheading videos have gone viral. But now we find out their efforts at propaganda knows no sacred boundaries since they're even using cat memes in order to promote the Islamic state.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the ISIS terrorist group is reportedly only a 15 minute drive from the United States yet President Obama does not have a plan for dealing with these "junior varsity league" terrorists. A journalist prisoner of ISIS managed to get away and he recounted his 40 days of captivity among those fighting for the Islamic state to take over the world.

Well, apparently ISIS is also counting on taking over the world one cat photo at a time. You would think this Twitter account is a parody of the terrorist group but apparently it is quite real and attempts to mimic how people on the internet have a weird fascination with cat photos. They even use lolspeak and their handle asks, "I can haz Islamic State plz." They refer to their cats as "mewjahids," which is a pun on the word mujahideen, a term used to refer to fighters in the name of Islam.

The Twitter account Islamic State of Cats with the handle @ISILCats starting posting on June 25, 2014 and has since tweeted dozens of cat photo ops supposedly showing jihadist fighters playing with kittens. They also introduced cat memes and other images of life from Raqqah, the center of ISIS operations. The kittens are shown playing next to guns and ammunition in addition to more normal home life scene.

The goal of the account seems to be an attempt at normalizing the life of the average ISIS terrorist member in order to somehow make them more appealing to a Western audience. But the ISIS cats account has fallen silent lately and there has not been updated cat photo tweets in quite a while. This silence happened to coincide with rise in threats directed toward the United States, and the publicity of the ISIS beheding videos, so perhaps the jihadists felt it was time to take off the cat gloves, as it were.