Gun Rights And Public Sex: Well-Dressed Permit Holder Fires On Couple Who Interrupted Alley Sex Act

Can your gun rights under the Second Amendment be used to protect your right to receive oral sex in a public alleyway?

That’s the debate sure to be ignited following an incident in Seattle, Washington, last week, at which time a distinguished, older gentleman in a tuxedo was in the midst of receiving an act of oral sex from an unidentified woman when he was inadvertently interrupted by another couple who turned the corner into the alleyway where he was being serviced.

American public intellectual Joe The Plumber has said that gun rights trump the rights of parents not to have children shot to death, and a prominent National Rifle Association spokesperson has argued that the right to a concealed carry permit should extend to blind people, but neither has yet commented on whether gun rights can be legitimately exercised to protect the right to sexual gratification.

The well-dressed Seattle gentleman later identified as Paul J. Hunter, 64, was a registered, concealed carry permit holder and had his 9mm Kel-Tec pistol on his person at the time of the oral sex reception. But when another couple rounded the corner on the 300 block of Fourth Avenue in Seattle, the woman administering the sexual favor became distracted, causing the sex act to be terminated short of completion.

As a result, according to police documents, the white-haired Hunter turned toward the other couple, yelled, “You’re dead, motherf******! You’re dead!” and opened fire. His single shot failed to strike either of the victims. But police were called.

Shortly, two officers arrived and found Hunter walking alone down Fourth Avenue. The two officers, responding to a “shots fired” call, drew their own weapons and leveled them at Hunter, ordering him to lie face down on the sidewalk with his and clearly visible at his sides.

Hunter was “slow in responding,” according to the police report. But eventually he did comply.

Described by the arresting officers as “highly intoxicated,” Hunter was charged with felony assault and held without bail in King County jail.

Hunter was apparently already in an agitated stated prior to the inconvenient interruption. According to a witness who lives nearby the scene of the attempted shooting and public sex act, Hunter and his female companion were heard loudly arguing prior to entering the alleyway.

According to police, the witness heard the man later identified as Hunter complaining that he “had given the woman money and was angry at not getting anything in return. He heard them continue to talk about stepping into the alcove to finish things.”

The witness said that Hunter and the woman were in the alley when “the victims rounded the corner and interrupted Hunter and the woman in what they were doing.”

Hunter then proceeded to walk away, but turned and in what may or may not be an exercise of his gun rights, and fired the shot at the other couple.

[Stock Image: Denys Kurbatov / Shutterstock]