New England Patriots News: Tom Brady Moving On After Logan Mankins Trade

The New England Patriots could have a bit of turmoil in the normally airtight franchise after trading the well-liked Logan Mankins.

The six-time Pro Bowl guard was shipped to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a somewhat surprising move but fitting in Bill Belichick’s style of getting rid of players when their salary starts to exceed their value.

But the move didn’t sit well with Tom Brady, sources inside the New England Patriots said. Jason Cole of Bleacher Report reported that Brady was “very upset” with the trade, saying that “he was not happy with the move.”

Brady himself didn’t elaborate, but implied this week that losing Logan Mankins was difficult.

“I haven’t really spoken to anybody about it, so I have my own personal feelings that are very personal to me,” Brady told WEEI-FM on Tuesday, per’s Mike Reiss.

“I love Logan. Logan was a great friend of mine. Nobody stood for Patriots football more than him…. I dealt with whatever feelings I had last week, but I’ve moved on. I have to move on, because that’s what this team expects me to do.”

Though Tom Brady may not be happy, the results are certainly on Belichick’s side.‘s Marc Sessler notes:

Brady isn’t doing cartwheels over seeing a premier blocker sent south, but the Patriots — with Bill Belichick at the trigger — owe much of their long run of success to unemotional team-building. Instead of holding on to an aging Mankins and his $10 million salary-cap number one year too long, New England moved him for value while it still could.

Tom Brady has had to play under less-than-ideal conditions in the past and still succeeded. He was similarly unhappy when the New England Patriots traded Wes Welker — his close friend and favorite receiver — but Brady still managed to excel last season with a number of undrafted wide receivers and free agent pickups.