Tom Brady Reportedly Furious At Patriots Over Logan Mankins Trade

Tom Brady signed a smaller contract to help the New England Patriots keep some important pieces around him, so the All-Pro quarterback was reportedly furious when the team chose to send off one of his chief protectors, Logan Mankins.

The team traded Mankins to the Buccaneers after asking first trying to get Pro Bowl guard to take a pay cut.

Jason Cole of Bleacher Report reported that Tom Brady was “very upset” with the trade, saying that “he was not happy with the move.”

This isn’t the first time that Tom Brady has been angry with the New England Patriots over a personnel decision. Not long after Brady signed a lower contract extension, the Patriots let one of his favorite targets, friend Wes Welker, walk in free agency to join the Denver Broncos.

Brady called Wes Welker the “heart and soul” of the Patriots, but New England’s brass didn’t feel the same way and let what was the best receiver in free agency at the time walk. Sources said the decision left Brady “beyond enraged” at the situation.

The Patriots picked up Danny Amendola in free agency, but most saw the move as a downgrade compared to Welker.

“Based strictly on money, the Patriots made it clear they believe Amendola is a better fit for New England than Welker,” wrote ESPN AFC East blogger James Walker. “But this is a rare miscalculation for the Patriots. Amendola is not an upgrade over Welker, no matter how the team spins it.”

Many believe the departure of Logan Mankins is a bad sign for Brady himself, showing that to the Patriots no players are untouchable.

From‘s Tony Mossarotti:

In the wake of Logan Mankins’ unexpected departure from the Patriots this week, let us all be reminded of how the Patriots operate, of what they believe: there are no sacred cows. In one way shape or form, the Patriots have cut bait with most everyone, often in unceremonious fashion. They traded Mankins and Deion Branch, did the same with Mike Vrabel and Richard Seymour. They cut loose Adam Vinatieri and Wes Welker. Those players all ended up somewhere else, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Today Logan Mankins, tomorrow Tom Brady.