Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Plane Could Be Used For 9/11 Style Terror Attack On America

It stands to reason that when it comes to incidents like the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, which just disappeared from air control radars in March with all 239 people on board, conspiracy theories will abound, and flight MH370 is certainly no exception.

One man, Ret. Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, has an interesting theory that was reported today by the International Business Times. According to their report, McInerney suggested that as the 13th anniversary of the twin towers 9/11 attack approaches, the Malaysian Airlines plane could be used to carry out a similar strike against mainland America.

The theory hit the news headlines after McInerney shared his thoughts with Uma Pemmaraju, the host of Fox News Channel’s show, America’s News HQ, discussing the potential danger American civilians face following Obama’s airstrikes on ISIS positions in Iraq.

According to the former Air Force Lt. Gen., the U.S. should: “Go to DEFCON 1, the highest state of readiness and be prepared'” as September 11 approaches.

And McInerney knows a thing or two about fighting Islamic terror as he was a command pilot who has participated in 407 combat missions.


As per McInerney’s words during the interview: “On the seventh of September, a major news network and publishing network are going to put out a book. It is going to be earth shattering of what’s happening and what happened. The fact is we may even see a 9/11/14 MH-370 surface again,” he said.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing mysteriously on March 8, 2014. The Boeing 777 lost contact with air traffic control just minutes after it took off. Numerous scenarios have been suggested as to where it might be.

Wanting to make people aware of his suggestion McInerney said during the Fox interview that the Malaysian Airlines plane that was never found, “could be intact and being readied by terrorist for use as a weapon against the U.S.”

Speaking to Fox’s Hannity show recently the Lieutenant General suggested that the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 landed in Pakistan with the intention of using the plane for another act of terrorism at a later date.