Serial Stowaway Arrested: 62-Year-Old Woman Keeps Trying To Sneak Onto Planes

A serial stowaway was arrested at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Tuesday. Authorities said Marilyn Hartman, 62, has attempted to sneak onto at least 10 flights in the last four months. Although she was arrested numerous times, the homeless woman is determined to fly without paying for a ticket.

Hartman reportedly moved on to Phoenix, as she was banned from entering airports in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Jose.

In San Fransisco, the 62-year-old woman was arrested seven times for loitering inside the airport — without a ticket or boarding pass. In Los Angeles, the serial stowaway was arrested for trespassing and attempting to board multiple planes.

Although she eventually managed to board a plane in San Jose, and travel to Los Angeles, Marilyn Hartman was later detained and criminally charged.

As reported by Mercury News, Hartman was sentenced to six months in jail. However, she was released after just three days due to overcrowding.

On Tuesday, employees at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport spotted Hartman loitering near a baggage claim. As they recognized her from prior incidents, she was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing.

It is unclear why the serial stowaway continues to trespass. Marilyn Hartman has apologized for her behavior, noting that she has no financial resources. However, she did not go into detail about her plans or why she continues to risk arrest.


NBC News reports that Phoenix authorities have requested a mental health evaluation as the 62-year-old woman seems to be disturbed. Sadly, she does not appear to have any family or friends.

As reported by ABC News, prosecutors in California admitted that Hartman likely suffers from a “major mental illness.” However, San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said she was never formally diagnosed. Therefore, in the eyes of the law, “she doesn’t have what is defined as a major mental illness.”

Hartman was clearly banned from entering numerous airports without a ticket or boarding pass. Despite countless arrests and numerous warnings, the 62-year-old woman feels compelled to travel by plane. Sadly, she is likely to continue until she receives mental health treatment or is incarcerated for an extended period.

Although the serial stowaway was arrested on numerous occasions, Marilyn Hartman is clearly not a violent criminal. The 62-year-old woman is expected to complete a mental health evaluation prior to her trial.

[Image via Daily News]