Hamas Spokesman: Real War Goal Is To Ethnically Cleanse Jews From Israel, Not To Lift Blockades [Video]

As the war between Israel and the Hamas terror network in Gaza rages on, another Palestinian spokesperson admitted on camera at a rally last week, that Hamas' true war goal has nothing to do with lifting blockades and getting airports. It's goal is about ridding Israel of Jews and 'liberating' Jerusalem.

The comments, made by Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri, were translated from Arabic to English by MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute, and can be viewed in full in the video from YouTube embedded above.

In a moment of extreme candor the Hamas representative admitted to a rally full of supporters, and on camera, that the organisation is lying to the world when it claims it wants an airport, seaport and lifting of Israeli and Egyptian blockades, in order to better the everyday lives of Palestinian civilians.

child with hamas-charter

In his own words, Zuhri said: "Khaybar, Khaybar al Yahood," an Arabic phrase meaning that Allah will return to expel (or kill) the Jews. Khaybar was a Jewish village north of Medina, Saudi Arabia, which was conquered by Islamists in 629 CE.

He continued with his diatribe, telling supporters:

"The army of Mohammed has begun its return. Resistance, resistance...we are all with the resistance. The war will continue. However, it is not only the blockade which is rejected by our people. Our people refuses to accept the defiling of the land by the occupier."
He went on to expound on the goals of Hamas in Gaza, explaining plainly that the whole request for the lifting of the blockade is a smoke-screen to hide the terrorist's true intentions, which is to remove the Jews from the whole of Israel and claim it as Palestine.
"Therefore, as of today, the resistance is not preparing for the opening of a border crossing here or there, but rather, for the liberation of our Palestinian land. This is the truth that Netanyahu should understand."We have become more resolute to wage the war of liberation, in order to end the settlements and Judaization, and in order to liberate our land and holy places."
No doubt now the cat is out the bag, and Hamas has finally admitted its true intentions -- to carry out a full genocide on the Jewish people of Israel as stated in their charter. The world media and the U.N. will come down hard on the organisation and under no circumstances let them proceed with their murderous and genocidal plans.