Cats Wearing Watermelon Hats Is The Only Cat Video You Need Today

It just figures that the only place you can find cats wearing watermelon hats is in Japan. The country is well-known for its oddball TV shows, never mind the animated kitties that always manage to find their way into a scene in an anime. There’s also the famous “basket cat” that had the Japanese raving, never mind that odd cat commercial which featured a giant kitty carrying a man all over the place for some inexplicable reason.

If you like cat videos, then you are in luck. The Inquisitr is just loaded with feline goodness. First I’ll start with the funny stuff. Recently, a cat was spotted driving a car, and it went viral. There’s also been a rash of cat and dog shootings lately… although that’s a good thing since in this case it’s a finger gun making them play dead. I’d also recommend checking the video of the parkour cat, which could give the guys from Assassin’s Creed a rooftop run for their money.

Of course, we also hate it when cats get hurt, so that makes any stories about such incidents newsworthy. For example, when 100 Tuxedo cats were dumped at a shelter in boxes people took notice. There was also the incident of the cat eating Burmese python snake that went on a kitty killing spree until cops managed to subdue the large 120 pound monster. But a recent even had animal lovers horrified because took a bag of severed cat heads and dumped it in the streets.

Ugh. This is where you need to go back to watching the video of those cats wearing watermelon hats in order to wash that image from you mind. Enjoy!