Cat Commercial 2014: Top 5 Funny Cats Become Giant Sized, Grumpy, And More [Video]

Cat commercials in 2014 have continued to advertise pet products. They have also used the lovable felines, and the not so lovable Grumpy Cat, to great effect in advertising products like cars, gum, and more.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, while some videos are just plain sickeningly cute in the way they portray our favorite pets, the funniest cat commercial to recently come down the YouTube pipeline is Dear Kitten, a cat food advertisement that is more about the way of the cat than anything else. To see what I mean check out this transcript (and click the link to see it):

“Since I have hissed at you the customary 437 times it is now my duty as the head of the household to, begrudgingly, welcome you. Perhaps you are here to replace me but I must do my duty in educating you on your new surroundings as Maximilian once did for me. Rest in peace. Dear kitten, this room here is basically a crap shoot. Either you get the petting of your life, and I mean two hands like you don’t even know what’s going on, or they just lie there and don’t do anything for hours, it’s weird. Oh, and I should point out, on special they will leave the underwear drawer to signal their appreciation of me. Just to be clear, it’s my spot. It’s perfect in there. It’s like sleeping surrounded by underwear. Well, that’s exactly what it is.”

So, yeah, that cat commercial may be selling a product but all everyone remembers is how true it is the character of one of America’s favorite pets. So without forever ado here are the top five cat commercials in 2014 so far:

5. Singing Kitty Commercial

“When a pedal-pumping songstress meets a flat-faced dynamo. The latest advert from Three, starring The Girl, The Singing Cat and a whole load of silly stuff.”

In short, it is about a little girl riding a bike with her cat along for the ride… and then they break out into song.

4. Mercedez Benz Cat Commercial

If you have not seen it already, I suggest checking out our collection of photos proving cats can fall asleep anywhere. This cat commercial provides even more proof since it shows one sleepy kitty in a wind tunnel slowly sliding over the body of the car.

3. Grumpy Cat Birthday Commercial

Friskies created this ad to celebrate Grumpy Cat reaching her the tender age of the terrible twos. What makes it funny is how it combines the essence of memes and the idea of little ol’ grumpy puddy tat actually having a fun time at her own birthday party.

2. Giant Cat Commercial

Giant cat meets gum. Funny but odd… we’re guessing that chomping on Links gum is like having a giant cat taking you to work?

1. Funny Cat Commercial For The 2014 Toyota Corolla

This cat commercial is a slow starter but it’s well worth watching. The basic premise is that one cat so enjoys a ride to the vet in the Corolla that he starts imagining different ways to injure himself. Hilarity ensures…

If those cat videos are not enough for you I suggest checking out these old goodies. First off is the skydiving cat:

The second is the scuba diving cat, which is quite real:

Which 2014 cat commercial do you like the best?

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