Couple’s Attempt To Enter Maternity Ward Is Very Disturbing [VIDEO]

For those who have seen it, a maternity ward in a hospital is a place where one’s heartstrings are easily pulled. Not is it the part of the hospitals couples experience the joy of becoming parents, but it is also where rows of newborn babies are taken care of. Usually, the nursery part of the maternity ward is easy to view primarily for the coddling admiration of friends, family, and people just passing by. Unfortunately for one maternity ward, they experienced something quite disturbing pertaining to a couple who shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

According to ABC, a couple tried to access the maternity ward at Mercy Medical Center in Merced, California. They’ve tried their best to get in by carrying life-like dolls as if they were real. The hospital security staff became concerned about the couple who were so keen on their fake children that they even got them to pose with them for pictures.

Anisa De Los Santos, a mother who recently had her youngest at Mercy Medical Center, now understands why security is so tight as she stated her personal views:

“It’s really scary. I just had my son like a year ago and that was my main concern was to always wanting to make sure who had my baby.

When you want to be able to go into the room where the mothers are with their children you have to ring a doorbell, and they say ‘who do you want to see?’ and you have to say the name of somebody.”

The mysterious couple first tried to get into the maternity ward through the obstetrics unit on Saturday. When they failed, they went again on Monday, this time trying to get through the emergency room. They were well-dressed for the part complete with diaper bag, carryall, and the wife appeared to have surgical scrubs.

In another article by The Blaze, it has been reported that Mercy Medical Center has sent flyers out to other hospitals warning them about the couple. They also report that the authorities now about the situation and have identified the couple, but have not spoken to them yet. In conclusion, Bob McLaughlin, a spokesman for Mercy Medical Center, closed his statement.

“We do not know why they were in the hospital.”

Maybe this is why The Inquisitr reported more women skipping the maternity ward for home births. Nevertheless, we want to know what you think about this frightening situation. Why do you think the couple tried to pull off an elaborate plan just to access the maternity ward in the first place? What were they looking for? Let us know in the comments below.

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