Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories: What Might Have Happened To Malaysia Airlines Plane?

Flight 370 conspiracy theories are taking the internet by storm, as it has been four months since the plane went missing without a trace. Despite the Indian Ocean being called the "final resting place" of the aircraft, not a single piece of evidence has been discovered to prove that theory 100 percent, so people are coming up with their own theories. According to The Mirror UK, there are several different conspiracy theories out there, and some of them are quite believable -- especially because there doesn't seem to be any other valid explanation at this point.

One theory suggests that the Boeing 777 was shot down by military ops -- by mistake. A new book entitled Flight MH370: The Mystery claims that the plane was taken down by US-Thai strike fighters in "a training drill that went horribly wrong." The whole thing was then covered up, because really, who wants to admit something like that?

Flight 370 may have also disappeared because it was meant to -- because someone had a premonition about it. That someone? Pitbull, yes, the entertainer. According to the report, Pitbull sang about the whole thing in his song Get It Started with Shakira back in 2012. The questionable lyrics? "Now it's off to Malaysia" and "Two passports, three cities, two countries, one day." The correlation? There were two stolen passports on board the flight...

If you're less inclined to believe that Pitbull is the Nostradamus of the present day, there are other theories that may have you double thinking things. There has been the ongoing claim that the plane was actually taken to Diego Garcia Island as part of a U.S. military plan. According to The Telegraph UK, the island is very restricted, but there was enough room to land a plane the size of the Malaysia Airlines aircraft there. The location of the island is also suspect, since it's in the Indian Ocean's Chagos Archipelago. Also? Not many people had ever even heard of the island, never mind knew that it existed before the plane's disappearance. Could there have been something on board that the U.S. military needed? Reportedly, there was a dismantled drone on board. What kind of information did it hold?

Flight 370 could have also been hijacked, in order to be used at a later time for a greater plan. But who would have hijacked the plane? And how did it fly off radar? Well, there are multiple theories that could answer these questions. For starters, some believe that the plane "hid behind" another plane, specifically Singapore Airlines flight 68. If the planes were within 3,300 feet of each other, this is possible. The planes could have flown together (without Singapore Air having any idea) through India and Afghanistan airspace. And then what happened?

Well, hijackers took the plane to Afghanistan, of course, where they are holding people hostage (or they've killed them all). But the unknown group of terrorists isn't saying anything because their ultimate plan is to use the Boeing 777 as a weapon later on. They don't want money... they want to harm people. As many people as possible.

Other flight 370 conspiracy theories include a life insurance scam, the "Asian Bermuda Triangle," and alien abduction. What's your best guess?

At this point, many people believe that the pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, was involved in whatever happened to the plane. According to The Inquisitr, an expert believes that Shah is the prime suspect in the case. But why would he kill people and down a plane? Well, aviator Ewan Wilson believes that Shah was mentally ill.