Amazing Video: Motorcycle Rider Flips On Top Of Car, Rides It Like A Surfboard During Accident [Video]

A dash cam video posted to YouTube yesterday of a motorcycle accident has gone viral, and for good reason. The video shows a motorcycle rear end another vehicle in front of it at a high rate of speed. However, the driver walks away unharmed with what can only be described as midair acrobatics.

The video has received over 1.4 million hits in just one day, but after you watch the video, you will understand why. The video, taken from a car in the left lane of a freeway bridge, shows a BMW sedan ahead of it moving from the right lane to the left lane. A motorcycle rider, traveling much faster than the BMW, slams into the rear of the sedan. The force of the crash catapults the rider into the air in a somersault.

What happens next is the amazing part, the motorcycle driver somersaults directly on top of the sedan in front of it. The rider lands on the top of the car and rides it, somewhat like a surfboard, until the sedan stops and the driver jumps down to the ground. In appears the driver was unharmed.

One comment on the YouTube video by user Robb Wijnhausen was spot on:

“You won’t see this kind of action in Grand Theft Auto……but in Russia? Naturally!”

Though the video wasn’t filmed in Russia, it was very close. KJRH reports that the incident happened in Belarus, which borders Russia.

What do you think of this crazy video? Is it real or is it an elaborate hoax? There was an official report of the accident in Belarus along with more photos of the accident scene, leading me to believe this is not an elaborate hoax but rather a very lucky motorcycle rider? What do you think?