Obama's Ice Bucket Challenge Has POTUS Being A Party Pooper, Could His Denial Harm ALS Research?

Patrick Frye

President Obama's ice bucket challenge has the leader of the free world wimping out again and being a party pooper. But now that LeBron James has re-issued the challenged, will Obama actually follow through?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the ice bucket challenge has practically everyone challenging their their friends or famous people. But not everyone had fun completing the challenge since one man managed to die in the ice bucket challenge.

A very bold Justin Bieber challenged President Obama to have the POTUS soaked, although Ethel Kennedy, widow of Robert F. Kennedy, was apparently the first person to challenge the POTUS last week. I'm pretty sure much of Congress would just love to dump cold water on the Pres right about now, especially considering how John Boehner wants to sue the President for his overuse of executive powers. But Obama declined and instead offered $100 to ALS research. Considering that Barack Obama's net worth is said to be over $12.2 million, this is a paltry amount for the President Of The United States, who makes $400,000 year alone just on his government salary.

Never mind if President Obama actually undergoes the ice bucket challenge, then you just know practically everyone in the world will hear about ALS research. For example, Barbara Newhouse, ALS Association's national president, said that the ice bucket challenge is actually working:

"It's just been wonderful visibility for the ALS community. It is absolutely awesome. It's crazy, but it's awesome, and it's working."

Now that even LeBron James is re-issuing Obama's ice bucket challenge, you have to wonder what the President will do. If enough people keep challenging him, you would think the proper thing to do would be to bow down to the powers of democracy and let popular opinion have its day. After all, it's possible that the President's denial could cause the amount of donations to the ALS research cause to dip by just a fraction. Good leaders lead in action, not just in words, so why not lead now for a good cause?

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