Hungry Humor: Watch As Mascots Eat Fans And Cheerleaders [Video]

Nothing can make or break a basketball game like the halftime entertainment. When the Toronto Raptors played the Brooklyn Nets, Raptor fans got a good laugh when the inflatable Raptor mascot ate a Nets fan.

In the video you see a female Raptors fan along with a male Nets fan performing a halftime game blindfolded. As the Nets fan is wandering aimlessly around the court, the inflatable Raptor approaches him and swallows him whole. After he eats the man, you see him spit the Nets jersey out of his mouth.

The stunt is clever and definitely entertaining. However, the Toronto Raptor has been known to even feast on his own kind. In the video below you can see the Raptor devour a Raptor cheerleader.

It isn’t just the Raptor that has an appetite for a human snack. The Tennessee Titans mascots can be seen below swallowing a blonde cheerleader after the two get into an argument. The commentary from the stands is hilarious as the blonde goes down the shoot. One announcer can be heard saying,


“Whoa! Engulfed! That’s…..not right. Got an Alka-Seltzer?”

What do you think of the human-eating mascots? Do you prefer to see the mascot down the opposing fan, or is it just too comical to pass up watching the cheerleaders going down the hatch?

However, according to an Inquisitr report, being eaten by a mascot is the least of a professional cheerleaders worries. There’s no question, behind each smile, each wave and every dance move, there is a whole lot of hard-work and unparalleled dedication involved.