Pregnant Woman Hit In Knockout Attack: Woman And Baby Fine, Suspect Arrested

Stacy Carey

A pregnant woman was hit in a "knockout" attack Thursday in New York. Jannatul Ferdous, 34, is six months pregnant. Willie Stephens, 33, is the man who allegedly hit her in the head and knocked her unconscious.

According to the New York Post, neither Ferdous or the unborn baby were critically injured. The pregnant woman was hit in the knockout attack as Ferdous walked down the sidewalk with her sister in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The incident happened around 3:45 pm.

Ferdous was hit in the head in what is commonly referred to as the "knockout game." The "game" is one where people attack unsuspecting others and try to knock them unconscious with a single blow. Luckily in this case, the suspect was quickly caught.

Jannatul's sister immediately called the police after the pregnant woman was hit in the knockout attack. She was able to provide a description of the man who punched her sister in the head and authorities found him three blocks away. Stephens, who is said to have no criminal record, has been charged with assault. Officers believe that the attack on Ferdous was random and that Stephens did not know her. While it has not been determined for certain as of yet that the suspect was playing this vicious game, that is the belief authorities have at this point.

As Gothamist notes, the incident where the pregnant woman was hit in a knockout attack was caught on camera. While the video is from a distance and rather blurry, the man can be seen walking toward the women, apparently punching one in the face, and walking on without even missing a beat.

This type of attack has caused serious injuries and even some deaths over the past few months, as was the case previously reported by The Inquisitr in the instance with Conrad Alvin Barrett. The suspect in that case in Texas reportedly broke the jaw of a 79-year-old man. There have been a number of other high-profile incidents related to this vicious game as well.

Luckily in this case, the suspect was quickly apprehended. Another New York victim, an elderly man named Donald Lathrom, was apparently targeted earlier this week in New York and he was hospitalized. There was a video available in this case as well, but the Gothamist reports that the suspect has not yet been apprehended.

Jannatul Ferdous was taken to Brooklyn's Woodhull Medical Center after Thursday's attack. Those following the latest report involving the pregnant woman being hit in the knockout attack are glad to hear that both she and the baby are said to be okay.

[Image via Stefan Jeremiah / New York Post]