Is The ISIS Terrorist Group Similar To The Hamas? The Answer Will Shock You

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or the ISIS, and the Hamas have shot into the media spotlight recently and have consistently been referred to as organized and lethal terrorists of the modern world. Though both have reportedly slaughtered thousands and the ISIS is steadily marching into the heart of Iraq, do these two factions differ from each other or are more similar than you think?

The Hamas is an elected government: Surprisingly, the Hamas is actually an elected political party, unlike ISIS which is a plain, but massive terrorist organization with no overtly obvious political backing. Despite the U.S. deeming it a terrorist organization way back in 1997, Hamas went ahead and won the Palestinian legislative election. Its counterpart is the Fatah, whose leaders led a coup against Hamas and effectively split Palestine between the West Bank and Gaza.

While The ISIS Members Always Cover Their Faces, The Hamas Supporters Openly Flaunt Their Allegiance

ISIS, on the other hand, is a love-child of multiple jihadist groups that made Syria their home during the civil war. Owing to exponential alliance and allegiance secured from the numerous factions who have openly hated America and Christianity, ISIS suddenly developed into a huge organization that is hell bent on the destruction of humanity through ruthless slaughter and mindless massacre of hordes of communities, all in the name of Islamic Jihad.

Hamas wants the Gaza strip, while ISIS wants the entire Levant and Iraq: Hamas leaders seek to eliminate the state of Israel and take back the land of Palestine. The ISIS terrorist group wants to unite the borders of Iraq and the Levant and create an Islamic Caliphate that would operate under Sharia law. Interestingly, evidence strongly suggests that before it was ISIS, the terrorist group was ill-famous by the name of Al Qaeda.

Both The Hamas And ISIS Don't Mind Killing Children, But The Later Recruits Them As Soldiers

The President of the United States, Barrack Obama has used the word “barbaric” to describe the actions of both the factions. Hence we know that the ISIS as well as Hamas have been categorized as terrorist groups by the Americans. While the Operation Protective Edge was a direct violation of ceasefire, the intentions of ISIS to slaughter thousands from the Yazidi minority are both acts of terrorism.

The Hamas and the ISIS Terrorist group unite in their intentions and actions. While Hamas wants to “cleanse” the world of Jews, the ISIS terrorist group wants to get rid anyone who do not belong to their exact sect, reported Town Hall. Interestingly, the ISIS doesn’t pardon even Muslims who “do not belong.” No wonder that the Hamas does have strong political backing from Qatar, Turkey, and Iran, while the ISIS is apparently fighting a solo battle.

[Image Credit | NBC News, AFP/Getty Images]