ISIS Could Put An ‘American City In Flames’ Due To Obama’s Iraq Strategy, Claims Lindsey Graham

The ISIS Islamic terrorists currently waging war in the Middle East could potentially put an “American city in flames,” according to Senator Lindsay Graham, who believes President Obama’s strategy for handling Syria and Iraq could put the United States in danger over the long term.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, members of the terrorist group on Twitter are claiming that there are ISIS in America already and they even have created photos purporting to have been taken while standing in front of the White House lawn. Worse, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria desires to raise the “flag of Allah” over the White House and they even issued a bomb threat at President Obama.

Sen. Lindsey Graham believes Obama is “trying to avoid a bad news story on his watch,” which is affecting the decisions related to the Iraq crisis. Graham believes Obama’s claim that the United States cannot take offensive action until there is an inclusive government in Baghdad is “inaccurate,” and that Obama “said no” to his military commanders threes ago when they wanted to be more engaged in both Iraq and Syria.

Further, Graham believes decisions made now may have a lasting devastating effects down the road:

“I think of an American city in flames because of the terrorists’ ability to operate in Syria and Iraq. There’s no political reconciliation in Baghdad going to protect the American homeland. This commander-in-chief has no strategy, he has no vision.”

Graham is not the only U.S. representative claiming ISIS may become a threat to the United States. Republican Representative Frank Wolf of Virginia told Newsmax recently that he believes the possibility of ISIS in America is a real potential threat:

“There are over 115 Americans, American citizens with passports, who are part of ISIS, and there are several thousand Europeans from France, from England, from Germany, from Scandinavian countries, who are fighting with ISIS. In fact one of them who went over to fight was from Florida, came back, went back, said hateful things on the Internet, and was killed in a suicide bombing. So this has potential to come to the homeland.”

What do you think about the claim by Graham and Wolf that ISIS may eventually attack the United States?