Hammerhead Shark Approaches Beach, People Scream As It Approaches An Oblivious Swimmer [Video]


“Get out of the water!” can be heard as it is yelled from the pier above as a large hammerhead shark approaches an oblivious swimmer below. Once the dark shadow is seen by those on the beach, terrified screams can be heard.

The viral video was uploaded to facebook by a fisherman Dan Flynn. The DailyMail estimates that the hammerhead shark was over 7-feet-long. Flynn was standing on the Navarre Beach Pier in Florida when he filmed beachgoers frantically swim to safety as the shark advanced. Flynn told ABC News that the sighting was scary but extraordinary at the same time. “Someone just yelled shark and I started taping,” he said.

“I’ve seen sharks before but I’ve never seen a shark get that close. It was almost interacting with humans. From our vantage point, we could see the shark going towards a lady swimmer. And her back was to the shark, and she was unaware. You can hear people screaming in the video. I yelled, ‘Get out of the water!'”

scalloped hammerhead

Flynn estimates that the shark got within 10 feet of the shore. It swam around for about 10 or 15 minutes, he said, before retreating back into the sea. Flynn says that swimmers were initially a little spooked but within no time people were back in the water where the hammerhead shark had just retreated.Flynn’s videos of the shark quickly went viral after he posted them on Facebook.

This isn’t the first shark to get up close and personal with swimmers. In fact, a recent shark attack in Louisiana left a 7-year-old boy with bite wounds off Southshore Harbor.

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