Cupcake Bans Becoming Hot Trend In Schools, Bakers Lament And School Children Cry

Birthday cupcake memories are shared by most, when regaling their time in elementary school. They were simpler times when there were no bans on any food, let alone cupcakes, and everybody survived in spite of the danger of the unknown. Some can remember the days when their crafty mothers were able to put their cupcake talents to use and create some childhood memories that were loved by all students involved. Many times, it even made a kid more popular, reducing bullying.

A disturbing trend has emerged, most of it having started through Michelle Obama’s “healthy” school lunch initiative, birthday cupcakes are being banned at alarming rate. It started with an innocent peanut butter and jelly sandwich being confiscated. School lunches of healthy chicken nuggets replacing “disgusting, unhealthy turkey sandwiches” that parents should be ashamed of. Cupcake bans have been the latest attempt to save children from their evil, selfish parents who care little for other children’s allergies, let alone the health of their own.

Washington state’s The Herald reported in June about their ban:

“Classroom birthday parties here might be celebrated with gift pencils in lieu of cupcakes next year after the Edmonds School District’s Wellness Committee recently banned edible treats, an effort to promote healthful eating.’We want to celebrate the child and not the sweets,’ said Maplewood Elementary School Principal Michelle Mathis at the regular Superintendent’s Roundtable on May 21.”

The ‘fuddy duddies’ in Washington state piggy-backed off the new federal ‘Wellness Policy’ to institute the ban. The Herald further reported that the alternatives are “Gift pencils,” “origami frogs” and “extra recess time.” In the most recent attack and ban on Cupcakes and other sugary treats, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia made a similar move.

The Times-Herald reported:

“Brooks Elementary School in north Coweta has changed its policy for birthday snacks and is not allowing cupcakes, cookies, or cake to be brought in this school year because of safety reasons and the desire to create a positive environment for students.”

Credit-Angela Bax,GettyIm
Credit: Angel Bax, Getty Images

The principal suggested that part of the reason was based on 10 percent of students having some type of food allergy. She went on to state it was a matter of “inclusion” and “safety”.

She told the Times-Herald:

“Although our first priority above all else is the safety of our students, we are also trying to create an environment in which all students feel included and not singled out. So both safety and a positive environment for all students were the reasons for this change.”

A study, reported by The Herald, outlines the current trend:

“Nationwide, only 7.3 percent of schools prohibit sugary items during classroom birthday parties and 6.4 percent disallow sweets for classroom holiday parties, according to a study by the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.”

It’s safe to say that most fear the thought of a Secretary Of Education Bloomberg. Should this frightening cupcake ban or War On Cupcakes and sweet treats continue? What are your thoughts?