‘Apparently Kid’ Noah Ritter ‘Embarrassed’ By Video Fame, Boy Even Has A T-Shirt Meme

The “apparently kid” named Noah Ritter became a viral video sensation after he was apparently shown talking about riding the rides at Wayne County fair, apparently. But now the poor boy is having his personal verbal colloquialism memorialized as a T-shirt in addition to memes spreading across the internet. Is Noah embarrassed? Apparently…

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the apparently kid became famous for the interview precisely because of his overuse of the word. For example, this is just a sample sentence:

“It was great and apparently I have never been on live television before but apparently sometimes I don’t watch the news.”

“Everything’s been overwhelming. We went to the fair and we got interviewed and everything unraveled from there,” said Jack Borowski, Noah’s grandfather. The apparently kid admits he is not consciously attempting to insert that particular adverb into every sentence, but now he’s being more careful with his speech patterns:

“It was great but apparently I was like so embarrassed. I was like that, I was like this embarrassed. Because apparently, oh, now I’m just using the words that I used when I was filmed at the county fair… Seriously, sometimes I always fail, seriously? Sometimes I always fail.”

The apparently kid has spawned a new line of T-shirts called “apparently apparel” and there is already 100 different shirts in all shapes and sizes. Brian Wilken, a Pike Wayne Shriners, says he came up with the idea shortly after the apparently kid became famous:

“It’s kind of funny how it all happened, the good Lord put the idea in my head yesterday, we should sell T-shirts at the fair that say apparently. The wheels start turning, we kind of collaborated, and we had some shirts laying around here we just started printing, we came in early today.”

But apparently apparel is not intended to make a quick buck off of the passing fame of apparently kid Noah Ritter. All of the profits for the $10 T-shirts will go toward the Shriner’s Hospital for Children. Apparently.