Toddler Breaks Through White House Fence, Alarms Secret Service Agents

A toddler managed to break through the White House security fence Thursday night, alarming U.S. Secret Service agents. The incident happened around 8 pm. Mashable reports that the youngster managed to squeeze through the bars in the fence.

Secret Service spokesman, Edwin Donovan, jokingly says neither the toddler nor the parents were detained for questioning.

The White House pool report reads:

“We were going to wait until he learned to talk to question him, but in lieu of that he got a timeout and was sent on way with parents.”

ABC News reports that the child got through the fence on the North Lawn. Proper security measures were taken by ordering a lock down, closing the gates, and shutting down Pennsylvania Avenue. The child was reunited with his parents after having a so-called “time out.”

The Secret Service is used to responding to fence-jumpers, but not kids finding their way through the White House fence. This toddler will have something to talk about one day — and have the news reports to prove it!

When it comes to fence jumpers, one of the most famous reports is from 2007 when 67-year-old Catalino Lucas Diaz climbed a fence with a package that was eventually destroyed with a water cannon. Officials said nothing harmful was contained in the package. The White House was on lock down for three hours while the incident was being investigated.

Other bizarre incidents have taken place at the White House, causing some commotion. In May, a driver was following the Obama daughters’ motorcade and passed the checkpoint.

A strange incident involved a man who stripped naked at the White House gates after he requested to meet with an official. Secret Service officers tackled the individual and covered him in an “odd tin foil-like blanket.” His name was released as Michael Bechard. According to reports, President Obama was at the White House when the whole thing unfolded.

Other reports by The Inquisitr have covered news stories involving security breaches at the nation’s Capitol.

People who find a way to get past checkpoints or break security breaches at the White House are usually doing it for publicity or to make a statement for a cause important to them. It’s common for security officers there to deal with various types of individuals and unique situations. This one about a toddler breaking through the iron bars of the White House fence is the first of its kind.

[Image via Wikipedia Commons]