Darkness In Gaza: IDF Destroys Only Power Plant After 10 Israeli Soldiers Killed In Cross-Border Attacks

The fighting between Israel and the terrorists of Hamas rages on with increased violence. Israel destroyed Gaza’s only power plant after 10 Israeli soldiers were killed in cross-border attacks enabled by the use of extensive Hamas terror tunnels.

The situation on the ground has amplified in ferocity and aggression over the last week. Israel demands the right to live in peace while Gaza fires hundreds of missiles at the Israeli citizens they have promised to wipe off the face of the earth. Despite several peace offers from Israel that include a Palestinian state, Hamas insists that every square inch of Israel must be part of the Islamic Ummah and free of Jews.

Here on The Inquisitr, we reported numerous times on this current situation including a tunnel attack by Palestinians that left five Israelis dead. Despite Israel’s efforts to destroy the tunnels, it is believed that a massive network of terror tunnels exists under Gaza, all built with materials that were meant to be used to build houses, schools and hospitals.

Unlike Hamas, who have fired 15,000 rockets at Israeli cities since 2005, Israel values human life, even during times of war. Before they initiate a raid or a strike, they warn the civilians within the area of an impending attack via text messages and cell phone calls to give them a chance to evacuate.

Gaza's children watch as a Hamas terrorist prepares the fuse for a missile aimed at Israel. The location is a residential neighborhood in Gaza.

Hamas, on the other hand, loves to use human shields which include children. They even upped their ante by transporting Hamas terrorists in ambulances filled with children. Take note that a human shield is not just used as protection in combat, but also as propaganda.

If Israel takes out the Hamas criminals who utilize this tactic, most of the world won’t see Israel taking out terrorist thugs. Instead, they will claim Israel is killing innocent children.

The Israel bashers also ignore the fact that Hamas pays many willing youngsters in Gaza with hard cash to operate as scouts, run decoy missions and transport weapons. This almost suicidal willingness can be blamed, in great part, on a lifelong program of incitement to hate Jews that begins during early childhood in Hamas schools and in the Mosques.

Hamas indoctrinating children to kill Jews at a Gaza summer camp.

Now, reports are coming in that the only power plant in Gaza has been taken out. If that is the case, then the only remaining source providing electricity for Gaza is Israel. The citizens of Gaza had already experienced a 20 percent reduction in power after Hamas took out a main power line with their own rocket.

According to the Times of Israel, the only power plant providing the Gaza Strip power was knocked out of commission by Israeli shelling. The deputy director of the energy authority in the Palestinian territory, Fathi al-Sheikh Khalil, said this on Tuesday about the situation:

“Gaza’s sole power plant has stopped working due to Israeli shelling last night, which damaged the steam generator and later hit the fuel tanks which set them on fire.”

Hamas terror tunnel. Imagine all the homes that could be built in Gaza with this material.

An AFP reporter saw the huge fires raging near the power plant on Tuesday morning. They also noted that the fire department vehicles were unable to reach the area because of the heavy damage to the infrastructure in Gaza. This is because of 22 days of the Israeli campaign aimed at stamping out terrorist rocket fire at Israeli towns and destroying attack tunnels dug under the border.

The Guardian did a follow-up report on the condition of the power plant in which its director, Mohammad al-Sharif, stated that the power plant is now finished. This means that Gaza’s 1.8 million people will endure more darkness when they are already suffering power cuts of more than 20 hours per day. This will worsen already severe problems with Gaza’s water supply, sewage treatment, and medical facilities.

Unfortunately for Gaza, the only power they have now is from Israel, which can be cut at any time. As for the power plant, it will take about one year to build a new one, which will only make life harder for the civilians of Gaza. However, Israel has indicated they will continue to supply power to Gaza, even after the violence of Hamas.

Hamas supporter passing out sweets to celebrate the murder of a sleeping Jewish family. Three month old Hadas Fogel was decapitated.

While Hamas continues to blame Israel and the Jewish people for all of humanity’s problems, there are still some world leaders who are willing to speak the truth. British Prime Minister David Cameron summed it up best with these powerful words:

“Hamas must stop attacking Israel with rocket attacks. That is how this started. It’s completely unjustified and they need to stop as part of the ceasefire.”

While rational people will always deplore the death of innocents, the people of Israel have lived under the constant threat of terrorist attacks and genocide dating back to the Hebron massacres of 1929 when 67 Jewish civilians were murdered by Arab Muslim mobs. Hundreds more Jews were injured and the entire Jewish community of Hebron, which had existed there since the time of the Bible, was purged from the city. Until the Arab world is willing to accept the fact that the Jewish state has the right to exist in the midst of 22 Arab Islamic nations, there will be no peace.

[Image via Mohammed Salem/Reuters]

Article by Jan Omega and Wolff Bachner.