The Ukrainian Army Left A Fully Loaded Ready-To-Fire Tank In The Middle Of A Town, Guess What Happened?

Military supplies and vehicles are generally heavily guarded. The general public is never allowed to venture near these weapons of destruction, let alone take a peek inside. But the Ukrainian army somehow managed to leave a fully gassed-up armored tank in the middle of a city street near Mariupol.

The tank, left completely unguarded, was apparently fully combat ready and was even loaded. It is unclear as to how a fully-loaded tank ended up on a civilian street, but people were surprised when they witnessed a BNP Light Tank in their neighborhood. While people elsewhere in the world would be apprehensive, the Ukrainian townsfolk are used to seeing armored vehicles roll down their streets as you see your Hondas, Audis, and Mercedes Benzes.

After a brief few moments of cautiously ensuring the tank was indeed abandoned and was not left behind as a trap by some trigger happy snipers, the townspeople began approaching the tank with fascination. Naturally, once they got bored of just staring at the huge thing, some adventurous people attempted to open the doors and quickly realized they weren’t locked!

The video, shot by an unknown Ukrainian, shows people merrily climbing into the belly of the beast. The quickest way to enter a tank is generally the top hatch, and the youth quickly managed to get in and unlock the hind access doors to let their friends and families in the tank. These people are so desperate that you can see them plundering the tank and carrying away whatever they can. One woman is even seen carrying away what closely resembles a cartridge stack, which is a metal briefcase that holds ammunition rounds for the high-caliber gun mounted atop the tank, reported LiveLeak.

But the worst part is the tank was actually loaded with a live cannon shell. One of the youths actually managed to locate the fire button. The moment he hit the fire switch, the shell fired and hit a building across the street. Surprisingly, the shell wasn’t an exploding one and only made a big hole in the building. What’s even more amazing is that the shell didn’t hit anybody. While the video shows people helping an elderly man who was very near the building that got hit, he only suffered minor injuries owing to the flying debris.

Armies have traditionally abandoned used firearms, but leaving a combat-ready, loaded tank is unheard of, unless the operators were captured, killed, or they merely escaped when they saw the Russians!

[Image Credit | YouTube]