Harvard Grad School Accepts Mother Of 11 Children

James Johnson

Here's a warm fuzzy story for your Sunday afternoon, a 50-year-old mother of 11 children is heading to Harvard grad school 30 years after she dropped out of college.

According to Fox News Allyson Reneau has been taking classes at Oklahoma University by day, while going to the gym in the afternoons and still cooking dinner for her big family every night, all the while maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Even with her grad school plans in tow the mom of 11 won't be slowing down, flying to Massachusetts once a week to study in the programs international relations grad program.

According to Allyson her days have been busy over the last several years, waking at 5:30am to read the Bible and go for a run before her children woke up, at which point she would get them ready for school, go to school herself and spend time with her kids, followed by studying for classes until 9pm.

While Reneau is still three credits short of her undergraduate degree she says both universities will allow her to finish that class at a later time.

In a moment of inspirational soul searching she says of her plans:

"Sometimes those dreams, you bury them," and "You get so busy raising your family that you forget your identity."