Former Harvard President Says Winklevoss Twins Really Are “A-Holes”

Viewers of the movie The Social Network were treated to an accurate depiction of the Winklevoss Twins according to former Harvard President Larry Summers who was portrayed meeting with the twins in one of the movies more colorful scenes.

The Winklevoss’ scheduled a meeting with Summers to complain that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, then a Harvard student, had stolen the brothers idea for ConnectU, a website they claim was the basis for Facebook.

Speaking to Fortune at the company’s Brainstorm Tech Conference Summers says:

“Rarely, have I encountered such swagger, and I tried to respond in kind,” while adding, “One of the things you learn as a college president is that if an undergraduate is wearing a tie and jacket on Thursday afternoon at three o’clock, there are two possibilities. One is that they’re looking for a job and have an interview; the other is that they are an asshole. This was the latter case.”

I wasn’t sure how to feel about the portrayal of the brothers in the movie and now it appears that the stereotypical view of the brothers as spoiled rich kids with entitlement issues was accurate.

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