Michael Moore Hates Capitalism But Owns Nine Homes

Anti-capitalist Michael Moore owns nine homes

Portly documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is living large, despite the blue-collar image that he seeks to project.

The ultra-liberal, anti-gun Moore has made a fortune bashing rich executives (who may indeed be subject to legitimate criticism to some degree) and others in films such as Roger and Me and Capitalism: A Love Story, but the extent of his own mogul-level wealth has now become public in a divorce proceeding.

Moore’s 10,000 square foot lakefront mansion in Michigan is only one of nine homes that he owns. Expensive improvements on that mansion property apparently was a big bone of contention for the divorcing couple.

In a CNN appearance with Piers Morgan, Moore famously denied that he was a member of the one-percent. As The Inquisitr previously noted, Moore “has fashioned a persona of being part of the 99 percent, not the evil money-hoarding, mansion-building one-percenters.”

Moore, who has declared that capitalism is evil, is splitting up with his wife of 22 years Kathy Glynn, who was a co-producer of some his moves. The couple is said to be worth in the neighborhood of $50 million. They have reportedly reached a settlement to avoid a messy trial.

The Detroit News provides more details on Moore’s lavish living arrangements:

“[Moore’s] hit movies and best-selling books have begat a lifestyle far from most ballcap-wearing, duck-waddling denizens of Flint. Moore and Glynn own nine properties in Michigan and New York, including a Manhattan condo that once was three apartments. CelebrityNetWorth.com pegs their wealth at $50 million.”

Summed up a local resident about Moore’s bulging bank account: “He criticizes capitalism, but capitalism made him rich.” Said another neighbor: “He’s not a common man. No way.”

In the video below, FNC commentator Greg Gutfeld suggests that Moore make a documentary on himself since Moore is really good about doing movies about corruption, hypocrisy, and fraud.

Do you think it is fair or unfair to wonder if Michael Moore is a big, fat hypocrite?

[image credit: Nicolas Genin]