Jenelle Evans Shows Off Kaiser Despite Wanting To Protect Him

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is no stranger to controversy and she has tough skin when it comes to people’s opinions of her. Evans has done some controversial things in the past, including doing heroin, getting arrested several times and giving up custody of her first son, Jace.

When Jenelle announced that she was pregnant with her second son just weeks after she had left her husband, Courtland Rogers, many of her followers were questioning whether she was ready to be a mother again. But Jenelle claims she has changed and that she is ready to raise another child on her own. This time, she wants to prove that she can be a full-time mother.

Jenelle Evans didn’t share pictures of her second son after he was born. She sold the exclusive rights to OK! Magazine, which first shared the exclusive pictures of Kaiser Orion Griffith. When fans asked to see pictures of Kaiser, Jenelle used Twitter to tell people to back off. She said that Kaiser was her business, not everyone else’s concern.

“It’s none of yr business where I go or what I do with my newborn son. Lmao so immature, half of u don’t even have children of yr own!” Jenelle tweeted to fans, who wanted to see pictures of Kaiser. And yet, according to a new set of tweets, Jenelle Evans is now choosing to share pictures of her son. This week, Jenelle decided to share a handful of pictures of Kaiser and the family she has created with Nathan Griffith.

Before the exclusive pictures from OK! Magazine went public, she tweeted that she had so many pictures of Kaiser she wanted to share, writing, “I have sooooo many pics to upload of Baby Kai… Getting aggravated that I can’t post them yet.”

And yet, when fans asked her to share, she was very protective. It almost sounded like she didn’t want to share pictures of her son because she didn’t want to hear people’s opinions of him and her as a mother. Despite being protective of her son, she couldn’t help but share pictures of her family. “I’m so blessed to have my little family. I love them so much and so happy how far I’ve came within these past 2 years,” Jenelle added.

Jenelle seems very proud of her accomplishments over the past year. Evans has worked very hard to get clean and start the family she always wanted. On Twitter, Jenelle Evans tends to say that she and Nathan have the perfect relationship. However, on this new season of Teen Mom, Jenelle and Nathan are fighting over his drinking.

On last night’s episode of the show, Jenelle’s mother did bring up their arguments and his violent temper. When Jenelle tried to confront him about his drinking, he questioned why he was with her, even though she was carrying his child at the time.

Jenelle Evans is currently taking care of her new son, focusing on school and staying active on Twitter. It isn’t surprising that she wants to move on from her long list of arrests. However, it is still unknown whether Kaiser will have a prominent presence on her social media profiles or be a protected baby.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ decision to share pictures of Kaiser?

[Image via Twitter]