Jenelle Evans Arrested For The Tenth Time In Three Years

Jenelle Evans has made the news again, just a week after announcing that she is pregnant for the second time. This time round the Teen Mom 2‘s star found herself behind bars after an argument with her boyfriend and father of her child, Nathan Griffith.

Evans, who is just 21, was having such a heated altercation with her boyfriend that neighbors felt compelled to call the police and complain.

When the police arrived they escorted her from the house in handcuffs. The arrest report noted that the charge against her this time round was for breaching the peace.

What is alarming is the fact that this is the 10th time Jenelle Evans has been arrested since her 18th birthday three years ago.

Following her latest arrest, Evans took to Twitter to protest her innocence, claiming she has an annoying neighbor who complains all the time.

She Tweeted: “Dude u can say what u want. The cops r sooooo annoyed by my neighbor constantly calling the cops on our dog and shit.”

Evans also went further, claiming that the annoying neighbor only called the police in order to sell a story to the tabloid press:

“Went as far as my mom yelling at my neighbors if they don’t stop she will sue them. She did it to sell a story. I’ve been in my house all day long… She even said Nathan was outside yelling at my mom on the phone… Lmfao no he wasn’t.”

In fact, Evans’ side of the story is quite different from the neighbors claims; she protests that she and Nathan weren’t having an argument at all: “Lmfao me and Nathan weren’t fighting she made it all up, Nathan voice is loud and he walks around outside to talk on the phone.”

Despite this being Jenelle Evans‘ 10th arrest in three years, she didn’t take this one too seriously as she claimed it was a case of crossed wires. Nevertheless, due to her track record, one has to wonder why the MTV star still gets arrested time after time.

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