Liam Payne’s Ex-Girlfriend Danielle Peazer Is Tired Of Your Negativity

Liam Payne isn’t dating Danielle Peazer anymore, but that doesn’t necessary mean One Direction fans won’t say nasty things about her on social media.

When you date someone as famous as the aforementioned One Direction singer, you’re pretty much forever locked in the sights on the person’s rabid fanbase. Just ask 80s pop star Tiffany. Decades after her relationship with New Kids on the Block singer Jordan Knight came to a close, folks still feel the need to point out that she once hooked up with the heartthrob. Unfortunately, that’s just the way this brand of cookie crumbles.

Danielle learned this important lesson the hard way when Liam Payne fans recently started making fun of her on social media. According to Unreality TV, Payne’s ex-girlfriend received quite a bit of hate from a few 1D fans on Twitter. However, she didn’t hesitate to let everyone know that their behavior was nothing short of atrocious.

Here’s the pic that apparently set everything off.

Since Liam Payne fans are a particularly vicious lot, his ex was swimming in an ocean of virtual hate. Most of these comments are weirdly focused on the dancer’s appearance, which is apparently unappealing to a certain section of the world’s population.

danielle peazer is so annoying can she leave i hate her tbh

— kaye!! (@CANPRIMADONNA) July 22, 2014

Instead of ignoring the hateful comments, Liam Payne’s ex-girlfriend decided to feed the trolls. Although the decision to defend herself is commendable, it’s always best to ignore the negativity. Anyone who has spent any sort of time in the spotlight — or penned an article for a popular website, for that matter — will tell her the exact same thing.

Instead of giving the girl a hard time, why not focus your energies on Liam Payne’s current relationship? According to the folks over at Reveal, Payne seems to think that girlfriend Sophia Bush is officially the most attractive lady currently dwelling on the planet.

“Me and the most beautiful girl in the world,” he said in a recent Instagram post.

Liam posted this pic on insatagram! #Sophiam #Forever @Real_Liam_Payne @sophia_xxox

— ღ El-Sophia-Pezz ღ (@El_Sophia_Pezz) July 23, 2014

Do you think Liam Payne fans should leave Danielle Peazer alone?

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