Liam Payne Was Hesitant About Joining One Direction

Liam Payne was apparently a little hesitant about joining One Direction.

Can anyone imagine that aforementioned boy band without Liam’s smiling face? Although the very thought of One Direction without the power of Payne is enough to give people nightmares for the rest of their lives, this was almost a very harsh reality. During his stint on The X Factor, apparently the singer had designs on going solo.

During her recent conversation with PopJustice, X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger revealed that Liam Payne had doubts about joining the group when she was putting the guys together. Although it’s rare for someone to turn down such an incredible opportunity, apparently Payne really wanted to strike out on his own.

Here’s the bombshell Nicole dropped about Liam:

“When I put the group together, Liam was hesitant about it because he wanted to go solo.”

Insane, right? While One Direction may have hobbled along without Liam Payne’s help, the very idea is a little hard to process. Fuse points out that this tale is possibly false, but it’s hard to imagine Scherzinger pulling this sliver of information out of thin air. Regardless, it’s sure to cause more than a few fans to issue an audible gasp.

Try not to dwell too much on the what ifs. Liam Payne is currently a member of One Direction, and the group doesn’t plan to hang it up anytime soon. In fact, the guys are hard at work on a brand new album. According to Payne, the next batch of songs could possibly transform everyone on the entire planet into a 1D fan.

The singer explained to Capital FM earlier this year:

“People say we don’t work hard and it’s all a game and whatever. We just wanna make good music, and this album — honestly, every lad out there tonight who’s thinking One Direction are this and that. Literally, next album — pick up our album and see what you feel.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that Liam Payne recently put together a pretty killer dance track, though it’s unknown if his creation will find its way onto the next One Direction record. Regardless, all of this talk about new material is definitely getting fans excited for its release later this year.

Payne said in a recent Instagram post:

“Just going to bed been studio written a pure banger for you guys who like dance more info to come.”

Are you surprised that Liam Payne almost didn’t join One Direction?

[Lead image via Fabulous Magazine]