Liam Payne Takes Selfie In Bed, One Direction Fans Lose Their Minds

Liam Payne has the ability to melt minds with the click of a button.

Whenever Payne is feeling a bit bored and wants to make his fans lose their sanity without much effort, he poses for a selfie. When he wants to really mess with their emotions, Payne takes the photo while laying in bed. Considering that a large portion of his supporters often fantasize about what takes place between the sheets, it’s not altogether surprising that these folks can’t stop staring at the photo in question.

According to Yahoo! UK, Liam upped the ante by removing his shirt prior to snapping the pic. If you haven’t already spent countless hours gawking at the photo on Liam Payne’s official Instagram page, then direct your attention to the image below. Caution: Make sure you view this pic in a cool, well-ventilated room. Swooning may ensue.

Of course, this isn’t the first time he’s pulled the sort of stunt.

If you’re wondering if all the stuff we said about about fan obsession with Liam Payne’s bedroom is a big fat lie, then you obviously haven’t spent time researching the topic on Twitter. Instead of forcing you to dig through the piles of Liam-oriented posts in your quest for the truth, we’ll post some 140-character evidence below.

When Liam Payne isn’t taking selfies at home or during Wimbledon tennis matches, the One Direction singer is busy figuring out what sort of material will find its way onto the next 1D album. The Inquisitr previously reported that Payne recently met up with Pharrell Williams, though it’s unclear if the producer will end up working with the fellas.

“Liam stopped by my studio. I think he’s just genuinely curious about music. We have that in common. He’s always wanting to see what’s new and what’s next,” Williams told Sugarscape during a chat last month.

While you’re waiting to hear more about One Direction’s latest album, spend some quality time with Liam Payne’s shirtless bedroom selfie. We won’t tell.

[Lead Image via James Devaney/WireImage]