Abigail Hernandez Returns To New Hampshire Home After Missing For Nine Months

Abigail Hernandez went missing from her New Hampshire home nine months ago. According to Huffington Post, the 15-year-old returned home on July 21, surprising many people who had lost hope. The teen reportedly wrote a letter to her mother, Zenya Hernandez, months ago in which it appeared as though Abigail left home on purpose. Even still, the FBI wondered if there was something keeping the teen from going back.

FBI Special Agent In Charge Kieran Ramsey said:

"The long and short of it is, quite honestly, we are just happy that she's home safe and sound right now."
Abigail Hernandez's disappearance didn't raise too many red flags. The FBI didn't believe that anything suspicious had happened, and this was just a typical teen running away from home case -- at least that is how it appeared, given the evidence.

Chief of the attorney general's criminal bureau, Jane Young, said:

"We said all along, this was a child who was missing and we marshalled all our resources and we can gratefully say that she was able to be reunited with her family."
According to WMTW, officials have not spoken to the general public about what might have happened in this case. They are giving Abigail some space and some time to reconnect with her family before they question her. It seems as though everyone wants to know why this 15-year-old left home on her own accord -- and why she came back nine months later.

Another FBI agent said:

"We're just happy to see her home safe and sound, but we still want to understand how this came about and learn more about the circumstance."
Abigail Hernandez may not be ready to talk just yet, but within a few days, she will likely need to tell someone what happened to her and/or why she decided to leave home back in October. There could be a bunch of reasons from bullying at school to a fight with her parents -- but nothing has been confirmed yet. Everyone is thankful that Hernandez is alive and safe. The rest of the pieces will hopefully just fall into place.

Family friend, Amanda Smith, said:

"I never ever let myself think that this day wouldn't come. I'm just really happy that it's here."
What do you think happened to Abigail Hernandez? Do you think the teen will willingly tell the truth when questioned by authorities?

[Photo courtesy of The Conway Police Department via WMTW]