Invention of the Year: Introducing the Fart Silencer

The Chinese have done it again. They invented paper, writing, women swimmers that are actually men and now a bloke called “Big Chicken Mushroom” from WuHan, has invented a “Fart Silencer”. The fart silencer is a small plastic tube that you pop into your anus. Its such a flexible device that you can spray cotton wool with a scent and then when you do fart, a gentle aroma will waft around. Like incense only fart powered.

Mr Big Chicken Mushroom must have eaten too many brussell sprouts to have been inspired to create such a marvelous invention.

The “Fart Silencer” is a small plastic tube with one end that is completely open and the other end has a number of smaller holes. Users of the Fart Silencer need to insert the open end into their butt when they feel a fart coming on. This eliminates the fart sound.

You can watch Mr Big Chicken Mushroom demonstrate his fart silencer below. It is SFW as he uses his mouth and not his ass to demonstrate the product.

We think this may have a little way to go before it catches on, as we can’t see people on the subway inserting one of these as the need um strikes, nor can we see most people being comfortable enough to wander around with one of the fart silencer tubes “pre-inserted”, no matter how tempting it is to have your farts smell like roses.