Sinkhole Homes In Florida: New Incident Leaves One Family Scrambling

There is a new area of sinkhole homes in Florida, and this one has a neighborhood shaken. Luckily nobody has been injured in the latest incident unlike in some of the more memorable and recent problems. This latest sinkhole popped up Saturday afternoon in the Spring Hill area and several homes have been affected.

ABC News shares that initially four homes were evacuated when a massive 120-foot wide and 30-foot deep hole opened up. Though sinkholes by homes in Florida have become a somewhat common occurrence over the past few years, they still leave many feeling unsettled and shocked.

Three of the four families affected by the Spring Hill sinkhole have been allowed back into their home. The area is closed off for now, and one home’s family is prevented from returning to the building to live for now. Engineers are taking a look at the area right now. Eventually the sinkhole may be filled with sand and cement.

Some 300 homes in Florida have been affected by sinkholes over the past few years, but there is one incident that typically comes to mind for many. Jeff Bush was swallowed up by a sudden sinkhole as he was in his bed and the family desperately tried to save him. Sadly his body was never recovered.

WFTS shares that a 911 call was made at about 5:20 pm Saturday evening and the Florida sinkhole was about 25 yards across and 30 feet deep at the time of the first emergency call. It quickly grew and photos from the scene show quite a bit of damage to the neighborhood. While the situation has seemingly settled down, area residents are said to still be feeling quite anxious.

USA Today talked with the homeowner most affected by the Florida sinkhole in Spring Hill, and Linda Fisher said it’s been a devastating situation. It seems she was out of town when the incident started, and now family has rushed to get what they can out of the house. Fisher’s daughter Michelle Parisik said, “The whole front of my mom’s house is on a ledge, hanging pretty much.”

Fisher seems to have as positive an attitude about the incident as is possible, and the family is clearly relieved nobody was injured. The home sits about 50 miles from the home where Jeff Bush died in that sinkhole. While sinkhole homes in Florida are hitting the news regularly, it is easy to see why it is a devastating development for every neighborhood affected.

[Image via USA Today Twitter page]