Women Evade Arrest By Forging Legal Documents, Doctor’s Note

Forgery is a very common crime in modern society. While many are arrested for forging a few documents, some make a habit of it. However, two women appear to be obsessed with making forgeries, and even tried to evade arrest in a similar fashion. Here are two seemingly hilarious albeit serious crimes committed by a pair of women with a penchant for forging documents.

According to CBS 13, a case of forgery is being actively pursued by law officials against 37-year-old Jean McQuinn. She is wanted on multiple theft and forgery charges.

Jean’s modus operandi was simple: She offered in-home care to elderlies and earned their trust. She would eventually gain access to the senior citizens’ financial details such as bank accounts and credit cards. She would then steal their money by using forged documents.

In another vaguely similar case, a Maryland woman was caught after she was found renting out homes that did not belong to her. She used forded deeds to prove she owned these houses. To date, she has managed to rent out five homes using forged documents, reported CSN Washington.

The woman would first scout for foreclosed houses. She would then quietly enter these houses to take pictures of the premises to show to prospective tenants. She even posted these pictures online to lure in unsuspecting families who were looking for a place ot rent. The woman pleaded guilty to breaking into foreclosed homes, taking pictures, and advertising them as rental properties.

While both these cases of forgery really have nothing in common, things get eerily similar during the time of their sentencing.

Both these women submitted documents to evade serving time. But both had the audacity to actually use forgeries!

McQuinn was ordered to court, but her lawyer asked to postpone the hearing because McQuinn was in a psychiatric hospital. The request was based on a handwritten letter to the lawyer, supposedly from a doctor. It reads, “Jean Marie McQuinn is under care of Spring Harbor. She won’t be able to attend court. Also, no visitors.” The letter was a clear fake since the doctor who allegedly wrote the note didn’t work at the hospital.

Similarly in the other case, the Maryland woman didn’t turn up to her sentencing hearing because she was reportedly in poor health. Her medical document was full of anomalies and inaccuracies that would have easily earned her a plaque on the “Wall of Shame” for poorly conceived and executed crimes.

Her “doctor’s note” had the signature of a doctor who had retired long ago. The stationary was also a poor copy that belonged to the wrong hospital. What’s more, the woman’s home address actually belonged to a UPS store in Clinton.

[Image Credit |Reddit]