Teacher, Mom Of 2, Busted After Sex And Smoking Pot With Student She Threatened To Flunk, Police Say

An English teacher and married mom of two in Stamford, Connecticut, had sex and smoked pot with an 18-year-old student during an eight-month affair -- then told the boy she would flunk him if he broke off the relationship. These are the accusations against Danielle Watkins, who gave herself up on Thursday to face sexual assault charges.

Police also say that the 32-year-old Watkins supplied both the teen and his 15-year-old friend with marijuana, and smoked pot with them on the grounds of Stamford High School, as well as texting nude pictures of herself to the 18-year-old. She also allowed him to drive her car, despite being aware that he had no drivers license.

But when the student attempted to end the affair, Watkins flew into a rage, police say. She accused him of two-timing her with another woman and "physically assaulted him and at that point, he began to get scared and grew tired of the relationship. At that point, she wouldn't take no for an answer and this was his only way out," according to Stamford Police Lieutenant Diedrich Hohn.

Watkins allegedly also told the 18-year-old that if he ended the relationship, which began last September, she would hit him with a failing grade in the English class she taught, and in which the teen was a pupil. As a result, police say, the student waited until the school year had ended before confessing the sexual relationship with his teacher.

The student told the cops about his sexual encounters with Danielle Watkins on June 26.

Watkins is charged with two sexual assault counts, and two for selling marijuana. She also faces a single count of "risk of injury to a minor."

The student initially informed a counselor at the school about his eight-month affair with Watkins. The counselor told police on June 23, three days before the student came in to the Stamford Police Station to tell his own "sex with teacher" story.

On June 27, police in Norwalk, Connecticut, pulled Watkins over in her vehicle. She tried to hide her cell phone under the seat, they say, and became "verbally combative."

A search of Watkins' car turned up marijuana, and when police, with a warrant, went through her phone they found about 2,000 messages between Watkins and the 18-year-old, including nude images of Watkins that the teacher had sent to the teen.

The case is the second in the news this week involving sexual assault by an adult woman on an underage boy. On Monday, a mom in Florida began serving a 10-year-sentence for having sex with a 12-year-old boy.

The teacher and mom accused of sex and smoking pot with a student is now on paid administrative leave from her teaching job, and is free on $100,000 bond, at least until a court appearance on July 31.