Woman Smashes Starbucks Most Expensive Drink Record, See What She Ordered

An avid Starbucks fan smashed the existing most expensive Starbuck’s drink record this week when she ordered a huge beverage costing over $60!

Consumerist reported on July 14 that the customer, named Sameera, advised media outlets of her record breaking attempt well in advance in order to attract maximum press exposure. She also gained permission from the Starbucks store where she attempted the record breaking feat.

The huge beverage, which consisted of 60 shots of espresso, caramel syrup, white mocha, hazelnut, and soy milk, cost exactly $60.58. smashing the previous record set in May by a Dallas man who spent $54.75.

But, as well as the publicity, Sameera took full advantage of her Starbucks loyalty card, and when that was swiped at the cash register, it dropped her total to $57.75. In any event, Sameera ended up receiving the drink for free due to a coupon she had from the Starbucks rewards program.

As well as the massive free drink, Sameera wanted to bust the Starbucks record, which she did successfully. She told reporters:

“I asked the baristas if this was okay, and they spoke with the manager who also said it would be fine. I waited till just before closing time so that I wouldn’t be inconveniencing the baristas while they’re attending to customers. They were really excited about making the drink as well, so that was pretty cool.”

But Starbucks, which spoke directly to Consumerist, said that technically it is against Starbucks’ policies to serve blended drinks by the vat. According to the strict letter of the policy, a Frappuccino can’t be served in a container larger than 24 ounces.

The Starbucks statement spells out their official stance on the most expensive drink record attempts:

“With over 170,000 ways to customize beverages at Starbucks, we know that personalization is a big part of the Starbucks Experience for both our customers and our partners (employees), however this particular customization was excessive and something that we do not encourage. We want to ensure our customers receive the highest quality and most delicious tasting food or beverage products from us and, we don’t believe that this particular beverage choice was reflective of that.

Per our existing policy, beverages larger than Trenta size (31 oz.) cannot be made or served. This includes personal cups that exceed 31 oz (or a Trenta-sized cup). For blended beverages and espresso drinks, those cannot be made or served in sizes larger than a Venti (24 oz cold cup/20 oz hot cup). “

So there you have it; although Sameera technically broke the most expensive Starbucks drink record, it was against company policy, and therefore not exactly “official.”

It probably didn’t taste that good, either!