Illegal Immigrants Shop At Walmart With EBT Cards? [VIDEO]

The video was originally posted on Facebook Sunday of busloads of illegal immigrants shopping at Walmart. By the time it reached YouTube the next day, it had acquired this title: "Illegals arriving in North Carolina aren't children by any means." Later that Monday morning, Mad World News picked up the story and entitled it: "Busloads of Illegals Shopping at WALMART with EBT Cards." But is that what is actually happening, or is there another explanation?

With all the headlines of the floods of illegal immigrant children flooding across the southern border of the United States, tensions are running high. In recent weeks, The Inquisitr has reported a number of important stories about unaccompanied minors being shipped to "holding centers" all across the country, and reporting that some are even being turned back by activist citizens protesting these kids being dumped into their neighborhoods.

The media is filled with conflicting stories, from alarming horror stories to reassurances from the White House that everything is under control and the border is secure. Not surprisingly, citizens all over America are concerned.

When Sylvia Locklear saw the busloads of people who were "not from around here" being dropped off at her local Walmart, she decided to try to investigate. Mad World News reports that Locklear posted on her Facebook that at one point she was in line in Walmart behind some of them and saw them paying for their supplies with government-issued EBT cards.

Locklear can be heard on the video telling someone that she tried to talk with the people, but not one of them spoke English. One of the people indicated to her that they are "new to America; they just got here. They're staying in China Grove, he said."

Ms. Locklear uploaded her video. Based on the information that she had, combined with the facts that people are coming across the southern border of the U.S. in record numbers, and the government is transporting some of them by buses and planes to locations all over the country, it wasn't a stretch to assume that these were illegal immigrants, part of the growing crisis facing the nation.

However, a group called Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) reports that a local North Carolina Tea Party group was able to track down the facts. This particular group of immigrants is "not part of Obama's illegal immigrant surge being bused in from the border right now." The Tea Party group made contact with "a local farmer and found out these are supposed to be H2A migrant workers," who are in the country legally.

Still unanswered is the question of why these immigrants were using EBT cards to make their purchases on the taxpayer dime.

A number of media outlets have picked up on the story of the busloads of illegal immigrant adults using EBT cards to shop at Walmart, including patriot favorite Breitbart. Breitbart and Mad World News have now posted updates acknowledging that the busloads of people may, in fact, be here legally.

None of this, however, mitigates the alarming reality that people are crossing over into the United States from a number of different countries via the porous Mexican border, a number of whom are unaccompanied minor children.

Dr. Gina Loudon writes in WND that reports are coming in of "drug-resistance tuberculosis, polio, leprosy and other diseases that are accompanying the newcomers." They are also bringing with them "swine flu, scabies and lice." Some of the border control agents have been infected with these ailments already from the illegal immigrants.

ABC-15 writes that Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera has great concerns about the diseases and other maladies that are coming into the country with the illegal immigrant children and infecting people: "It's contagious, we are transporting people to different parts of the state and different parts of the country."

Townhall and Judicial Watch report that Homeland Security agents have confirmed that some of the illegal immigrant children are actually members of violent gangs, who are actively recruiting new members as teens cross the border.

Some Illegal Immigrants Are Gang Members

There is talk among government officials concerning how to reunite these unaccompanied children with their parents and families. However, consider this: if a parent in the United States were to send their child on a truck with a coyote (in reality, a human trafficker), knowingly allowing them to traverse 17,000 miles across borders of other countries, does anyone think for one second that any Child Protective Services agency in the entire U.S. of A. would even consider returning custody of said child to his or her parents? Remember, this is the country that sometimes removes, or threatens to remove, children from their parents for refusing a vaccine (i.e. Bidwells), or for seeking medical treatment from a different hospital than the CPS approves (i.e. Justina Pelletier).

Even though this particular video of immigrants bused to Walmart has a logical, valid explanation, there are a multitude of scenarios taking place every day right under the noses of the American people involving actual illegal immigration. Is it any wonder, then, that people jump to conclusions or are upset?

[images via YouTube screenshot, and CPWP]