June 16, 2013
$78 Million In Lost Cash Returned After Japan Tsunami

It has been five months since a deadly earthquake and tsunami struck the coast of Japan and while many families lost their homes and were displaced from the cities where they lived that hasn't stopped them from being honest, returning nearly $78 million in lost cash.

According to ABC News citizens in Japan have returned $48 million found in wallets and an additional $30 million that was found on the shoreline of Japan in approximately 5,700 safes.

The most honest person? Someone who returned a safe that contained $1 million.

Japanese police say that most of the money has been returned to the rightful owners, with one spokesman adding:

"The fact that these safes were washed away meant the homes were washed away, too," while they added, "We had to first determine if the owners were alive, then find where they had evacuated to."
Many people in Japan stash money in their homes, especially people in fishing districts who were most harshly affected by the tsunami's devastation.

Cash hasn't been the only item to be returned, citizens have given back gold bars, antiques and other keepsakes. In one case someone returned a child's umbilical cord.

The Japan Tsunami devastated a lot of people but apparently it hasn't destroyed their spirit, while much of the world has given to Japan in their time of need it's even more impressive to see the people of Japan working together to help one another, even as many of their own lives are hanging by a thread after the disaster.