Cathay Pacific Adjudged The World’s Best Airline At Farnborough International Airshow

Hong Kong based airline Cathay Pacific has been conferred the title of the World’s “Airliner Of The Year” at the Franborough International Airshow on Tuesday, reports CNN. The airline, known for its service and customer service excellence records in the past claimed the title of the world’s best airline from last year’s winner, Emirates. In second place was Qatar Airways, followed by Singapore Airlines in the third spot. Emirates was relegated to the fourth place.

The awards conferred at the Franborough Air Show are decided after voting by millions of travelers. According to the CEO of SkyTrax, the UK based consultancy firm that runs the popular reviews and rating website of the same name, Cathay Pacific managed to be the best of the lot and became the best performer across all types of travel.

SkyTrax CEO Edward Plaistead told CNN,

“Of all the sellers, Cathay Pacific were the best performers across all types of travel. Some airliners were very good in economy, others in luxury, but they were top or near the top in all categories”

Happy at receiving the honor, Cathay Pacfic CEO John Slosar said that he is happy to see that the effort put by his team has enabled the airline to win the coveted award.

“I believe that the Cathay Pacific team is the best and it is fantastic to see that our passengers see it the same way. I would certainly like to congratulate our cabin crew and everyone else in the Cathay Pacific team who make our award-winning service happen each and every day,” he said.

The award was handed over to a delegation from Cathay Pacific by CNN’s anchor John Boulden at a ceremony organized at Farnborough’s historic Wind Turbine hall. The receipt of the award saw employees and officials of Cathay Pacific celebrating the achievement. Awards were also conferred across several other categories that included the Best Leisure Airline and the Best Regional Airlines. Thomson Airways bagged the former award, while Air Canada claimed the title of being the best regional Airline for North America.

Have you traveled Cathay Pacific in the past? Do you think they deserve the title of the World’s best airline?

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons]