Matt Bittner Is Asked To Imitate A Girl’s Voice On YouTube And He Does It Exceptionally Well! [VIDEO]

YouTube is loaded with so many different kinds of videos for every type of preference. It has cute videos such as pets meeting newborns for the first time. It has educational videos like the one done by AsapSCIENCE answering the question if we should eat insects. The site is also a victim of trolls such as Germany trolling their victory against Brazil at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. No matter what you like, YouTube will most likely have it within consideration of their rules.

However, there is a new video on YouTube that is getting a lot of attention because it seems to show off a skill nobody expected from the person who performed it. Matt Bittner actually imitated a girl’s voice… and it sounded authentic!

Uploaded on Ryan Clark’s YouTube channel on July 9, 2014, the video already has 1.7 million views. As of the publication of this article, this video is the fifth most popular video on YouTube. As for the reason for Matt Bittner imitating a girl’s voice… maybe it was for promotion. Or maybe it was just for fun. Nevertheless, Bittner’s girl voice is really amazing. It actually was so popular that Clark and Bittner did a second video one day later titled Return of “Girl Voice”. In it, Bittner imitates the girl voice again but has this to say:

“So last night, I went to sleep, and I knew that Ryan and taken the video. And I thought he was just going to keep it to himself because I specifically asked him not to put it on the internet. But then he decided to put it on the internet and it’s fine and I am not angry about it because… [In regular voice] I don’t know because it’s everywhere!”

Good for Matt Bittner! He is getting a lot of popularity for his girlie voice and he’s being a good sport about it. Actually, this recognition might get him gigs because his official website states him as an actor, musician, sound designer, and avid sports fan. He even has a personal mantra when it comes to the creative process in which it states that he firmly believes:

“All work is empty, save when there is love.”

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