Pet Dogs And Cats Meeting Babies For The First Time Are Adorable

For a lot of people, having a pet – either dogs or cats – is not owning an animal, but loving another member of the family. I myself have enjoyed a wonderful family relationship with my two dogs back in the past. They can be vibrantly playful and attentive, yet, at times, be discerningly comforting and caring. Maybe that is why animals make great companions for those who are emotionally hurt or physically impaired, such as wounded military veterans.

It is true that animals may share a true bound that transcends species. The Inquisitr actually reported on such a friendship between a bear, a tiger and a lion who care for each other through thick and thin. But a human to pet relationship is something else.

What if the owners of the dogs or cats are a married or dating couple? What happens when the couple comes home with a newborn baby? How do dogs or cats react to the new human being now in their lives? The video above tells you they react adorably!

Tiger Productions on Youtube are known for uploading some of the most entertaining dog and cat videos on the internet. This includes dogs and cats protecting newborn babies, dogs receiving massages from cats, and many other videos for our dogs and cats entertainment.

Also, dogs and cats around newborns isn’t just for entertainment. Time had a study that claimed dogs and cats make babies healthier. According to their research, the pets may help lower a baby’s risk of coughs and sniffles during the first year of their life. The same study was also confirmed by LA Times.

In conclusion, dogs and cats meeting babies for the first time isn’t just adorable, it is beneficial. Research has shown that many of the sickest people in the world are the ones who constantly live a clean and sterile life. The Dogs and cats around your newborn shouldn’t be seen as something bad, but as a benefit.

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