Rick Perry Tours Texas Border In A 'BA' Boat

Tara Dodrill

Rick Perry toured the Texas border earlier this afternoon to review the areas where illegal immigrants are crossing and to speak with federal law enforcement officers patrolling the Rio Grande and Anzalduas Park area. Governor Perry had invited Barack Obama to join him on the tour while the president was in the state to attend fundraisers, but he declined. Fox News host and nationwide syndicated radio show host Sean Hannity accompanied the Texas Governor on the Mexican border tour.

During a sit down with President Obama yesterday, Governor Rick Perry urged action to stem the massive flow of illegal immigrants into Texas. The Lone Star State leader asked the president to deploy the National Guard to the region and to move Border Patrol agents up next to the line instead of their current location away from the border fence area. Perry felt the president would benefit from witnessing the problems first hand, touring the federal holdings facilities housing the illegal immigrant children and adults, and talking with the agents tasked with keeping the border secure.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, President Obama stated that touring the border was unnecessary because he had sent his representatives to the area and doing so himself would be nothing more than a "photo op" and political theater. The photo op comment spawned a viral hashtag mocking the sentiments, complete with posts of the president touring other man-made and natural disasters and posing with doctors in white coats during Obamacare announcements.

rick perry

— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) July 10, 2014

The Texas Governor toured the river by Anzalduas Park that is regarded as a high traffic area for illegal immigrants. Rick Perry was accompanied by multiple Department of Public Safety (DPS) boats and law enforcement officials on the tour. "The Texas boats look bada**," one border enforcement agent told The Blaze. The DPS boats had mounted machine guns and were also accompanied by a helicopter during the Texas border tour.

texas governor

— Rick Perry (@GovernorPerry) July 10, 2014

Although Governor Perry deemed the chat with President Obama "constructive," he remains concerned that the suggestions which appeared to be well-received, will not be put into action. As Perry stated on Sean Hannity's show, he had sent several unanswered letters to the Oval Office in recent years suggesting similar ideas and asking both for assistance securing the border. President Obama is open to sending the National Guard to the Texas border, but said it was only a temporary fix during a press conference after meeting with Rick Perry.

What do you think should be done to secure the border?

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