Anji Dean: Missing Teen Left Note, ‘If You’re Reading This, I’m Either Missing Or Dead’

Anji Dean disappeared in June from her home in Washington state, and authorities said the mystery of the missing 17-year-old is even more dire thanks to a note Anji left in her family’s home.

Dean disappeared more than two weeks ago, and in he journal authorities found a chilling note.

“If you’re reading this, I’m either missing or dead”

The parents of Anji Dean believe that she may be a victim of sex trafficking. Her mother, Lynda Jorgensen, told Nancy Grace that the teen made statemens to teachers and counselors that she was involved in something that she couldn’t get out of. Anji also texted her boyfriend to tell him that someone was threatening to kill her family.

“We have no idea where she is or who she’s with,” Jorgensen said. “She can’t be doing this on her own, so we’re really, really afraid for her.”

In the hours before her disappearance, a neighbor said he saw Anji Dean get into a blue Volvo filled with people and drive by a black man with a goatee.

“It scares the bejesus out of me because she didn’t just run off on her own,” said Jorgensen.

Her parents said there were other frightening aspects, like the fact Anji left behind her wallet, glasses, and clothes.

But investigators say there could be a break in the search for Anji Dean. There have been sightings of her in Portland, with police saying the tips are credible.

“She is most likely in the greater Portland area or the surrounding areas,” said Detective Scott Kirgiss. “She’s still listed as a runaway.”

But Kirgiss also said she may have been taken into sex trafficking, saying the family’s fears could be founded.

“She’s definitely at risk,” Kirgiss said.

Information on Anji Dean can be found on a Facebook page created by the family.