Alix Catherine Tichelman: Heroin Black Widow Connected To Two Other Deaths


Alix Catherine Tichelman is sexy but deadly. That’s how police would describe the high class call girl, also known as Alix Tichelman. Police say Alix Catherine Tichelman sexed it up with Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes on his yacht, then gave him a lethal dose of heroin. When Alix saw that Forrest Timothy Hayes was having a medical emergency, the deadly woman watched him die, stepped over his dead body, took a sip of wine, and walked out, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Alix Catherin Tichelman was tracked by police and arrested after she met up with a paying client who turned out to be police. Tichelman was arrested and is being held on $1.5 million bail.

Police know the sequence of events in this true crime case because Alix Catherine Tichelman’s lover, Forrest Timothy Hayes, had a video surveillance system on board his yacht which captured every detail of the last moments of his life.

Investigators became aware of the suspicious death when they were notified by the yacht’s captain that Tichelman’s lover had been found on board. When police arrived, they found an older white male dead. The man was later identified as Forrest Timothy Hayes. During the police investigation, police became aware that the yacht had a security video system on board. But, the boat captain did not want to turn over the videotape to police. After securing a search warrant, police were able to readily determine that the victim was given a lethal shot before he died.

The video tape also shows Alix Catherine Tichelman callously watching Hayes die and making no attempt to help. Instead, Tichelman took a last gulp of her unfinished wine, stepped over the victim’s body, cleaned up the scene and exited the boat.

Alix Tichelman soon left the Santa Cruz area for Folsom, Georgia, police say.

Like out of a movie scene the Alix Catherine Tichelman/Forrest Timothy Hayes case has people talking from the media room to online forums and social media pages. Some wonder how such a tech savvy exec could be so trusting of some strange woman he met online: “Why the head of Google didn’t google the prostitute???, stated one Facebook fan.

Others aren’t so kind: “Love ironic justice. Now his wife and x kids get all the money.” Another person stated: “He died on the floor of his yacht with a prostitute stepping over him to get her wine…while his wife and FIVE kids were waiting for him at home. There must be a moral in this story somewhere.”

Alix Catherine Tichelman is described as a woman who likes the dark side of things and holds a bizarre interest in Satan and very dark, disturbing stories.

Sources say Alix Catherine Tichelman is connected to two more deaths. In 2013, former boyfriend, Dean Riopelle, died from a supposed heart attack. In 2010, another boyfriend, Judies’ singer Warren Ullom, was convicted in the death of a woman named Rachel San Inocencio. Rachel died in 2008 after she was given a lethal dose of heroin. Alix Tichelman’s ex boyfriend, Ullom, was sentenced to 20 years, according to CL Atlanta.