God In Eggplant: Chef Finds The Word ‘GOD’ While Slicing Eggplant

God was found in an eggplant by a chef at a Baton Rouge restaurant. According to The Huffington Post, line cook Jermarcus Brady was just minding his own business, slicing an eggplant, when he noticed something quite interesting: The seeds inside the eggplant spelled out the word “God.” Clearly taken aback, the Gino’s Restaurant employee called it a “miraculous image” and believes that what he saw was a religious sign… from the man upstairs.

Brady said:

“He’s showing me that ‘hey, I’m real’ and that’s the only thing I can depend on.”

A restaurant owner saw God in the eggplant seeds as well and couldn’t believe it. Obviously, seeds in an eggplant are scattered, but these were particularly placed — and there isn’t any mistaking in what they spell out. People find signs of a higher power in different ways quite frequently. And these things always seems to make headline news, because, face it, it’s kinda cool. Whether you believe in God or not, getting a “message” of sorts in such a way is pretty remarkable.


Gino Marino said:

“I went back there and he was overwhelmed. I looked at it, we were just drawn back. We just couldn’t believe what we were looking at.”

Seeing God in an eggplant is just as common as seeing Jesus on an air conditioner, yes, you read that right. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an image believed to be Jesus’ face was seen on the side of a window air conditioning unit in Jackson County, Mississippi, just last month. Jesus’ face has been spotted several other places as well, from a baking tray to a dog’s back.

Oh, and for the record, this isn’t the first time that someone has seen the word “God” in the seeds of an eggplant, either. According to The Register, a woman from Pennsylvania was cutting up an eggplant in 2007 when she saw the word “God” also. Evidently, this has become a “thing.” Interestingly enough, the Penn. woman took full advantage of her find by listing the “heavenly” slice on eBay. She started the listing at $1,000, but it’s unclear if it sold or how high the bidding went.

No word on whether or not Jermarcus Brady plans on cashing in on his botanical blessing. Chances are, he will just enjoy the sentiment and move on with life. If he can preserve the slice, he very well may do that.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube screen capture]