Jesus Christ Found Yet Again – This Time In An Air Conditioner

Over the years, savior-in-chief Jesus Christ has showed up practically everywhere: in dreams, on Google Earth, and even on the planet Mars. Well, it looks like Jesus has struck again! This time he was discovered hiding out on an extremely old and antiquated air conditioner in Jackson County, Mississippi, reports WTSP-TV.

It was discovered by Christopher Goldsberry. He admitted to WTSP-TV that when he saw the AC unit at a junk yard, he knew he had to buy it. The crazy thing is that the junk yard owner didn’t see it, which is he why he let the air conditioner go for only $10!

Even crazier is the fact that Goldsberry is a Catholic who barely ever attends church. The fact that Jesus chose to unveil himself to Goldsberry is certainly not lost on the man:

“The gentleman I purchased it from didn’t see any of it. Think about it. They don’t recognize what it is. Some people see it, some people don’t. Think about that.”

He basically thinks he’s somehow special or something. It’s certainly possible, though let’s take a quick look at Jesus’ other hideaways to get a better perspective on this fascinating quandary.

Jesus On A Pub Bottle

Jesus doesn’t just like wine. He apparently also likes pub cider!

Jesus In A Door

Jesus Christ has also been spotted on the men’s restroom door in a Swedish Ikea outlet. That’s kind of a weird spot to hang out, Sir Lord!

Jesus On A Car Door

Jesus is also apparently a fan of pickup trucks, which is why we shows up every single morning on Tennessee resident Jim Steven’s Isuzu.

Jesus In A Baking Tray

Yorkshire resident Oliver Bellersby discovered Jesus Christ lurking on the browned fat of his cooking tray in July 2009. Hey, even Jesus has to eat! However, we recommend he watch his cholesterol!

Jesus On A Marmite Lid

Marmite is a disgusting food spread hated by most people, excluding of course Jesus (who technically is more-so a God than a person). Regardless, Jesus staked out a place on the Marmite lid of a Wales resident.

Jesus On Dog Booty

The Lord certainly has a wicked sense of humor. Why else did he choose to make an appearance on a dog booty back in 2013? Huh!? Explain that!

Apparently, Mr. Goldsberry isn’t quite as special as he deems himself. Regardless, have you too seen Jesus? If so, please share your pictures with us!

Images via [Google Images]

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