Tech CEO Accused of Sexual Assault In ‘Fifty Shades’ Fantasy

Scott Kveton, a prominent Oregon tech CEO, is being investigated for sexual assault after his ex-girlfriend has accused him of repeatedly raping her during their turbulent relationship.

The bespectacled, bow-tie wearing Kveton is the CEO of Urban Airship, one of Portland’s most promising startup companies. According to Geekwire, the company is heavily funded, and has distributed “billions of push notifications to mobile phones” for major corporations like Groupon and ESPN. Kveton is now under police scrutiny, however, after his ex-girlfriend, who has not been identified by authorities, alleged that they engaged in a boundary-pushing relationship that went too far.

Kveton's accuser has reportedly made allegations of sexual assault against him since 2010

According to The Oregonian, Kveton’s accuser has provided police with “hundreds of pages of texts, emails and online chats” that detail “a highly physical relationship, which they once likened to the role-playing couple in the hit erotica novel ’50 Shades of Gray.’ They pushed each other’s boundaries – too far, she told him in numerous emails and texts.”

Despite the family-friendly image that the CEO has attempted to cultivate, it isn’t the first time that his ex-girlfriend has accused him of sexual assault. The case and the relationship are complicated, as The Oregonian points out, because despite years of allegations of assault, Kveton and his accuser kept returning to one another, until their final separation in 2013. Kveton’s accuser met him online in 2008, and they reportedly began a sexual relationship while both were still married to other people. She worked for a time as a nanny for his family, and the CEO moved into her house for four months wile both were going through divorces.

The first sexual assault allegedly occurred shortly after Kveton moved out of the accuser’s house. After a night of drinking, she called him for a ride, and while she was sleeping on a couch in Kveton’s home, she claims that the CEO raped her. Emails that were provided by the accuser to both police and The Oregonian detail the conversation in the days following the alleged assault. Kveton was at first apologetic:

“Believe me, the concept of not having you in my life absolutely and utterly makes my heart ache… and I can’t believe how I treated you the other night… I just felt so betrayed and hurt that night with all of the things you were saying… that doesn’t justify it whatsoever… I’m just hurt and for some reason I took it out on you in that awful way.”

After several days, an email from Kveton’s personal account presented a starkly different perspective on events:

“I think we did have a different memory… I was not intoxicated and you were… I can remember you saying no in the past… many, many, many times in fact and actually enjoying it all the same… I seem to think I even have video of it. That’s neither here nor there however… it was awful and I know it.”

The February 2010 incident prompted Kveton’s accuser to get a restraining order. Eventually, the couple reconciled, but a year after the alleged assault, the woman went to police again, accusing Kveton of assaulting her in a closet and tying her up by the wrists, MailOnline reports. Three more allegations of assault were made by Kveton’s accuser during the period between 2012 and 2013, which police are now investigating.

Kveton is only the latest CEO to be accused of sexual assault, in a disturbing trend that The Inquisitr has previously reported on. Last month, American Apparel CEO Dov Charney was outed amidst allegations of sexual misconduct. Justin Mateen, co-founder of dating app Tindr, was suspended several days ago due to allegations of sexual harassment made by a former employee.

While Kveton is being investigated by police, they have yet to arrest or charge the CEO in connection with the allegations of sexual assault.

[Images via MailOnline]