Mitt Romney Worth $190 Million, Maybe $250 Million, He’s Not Really Sure

Back in June Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney joked to a room of Republicans that he is “currently unemployed” but “networking” for a job he hoped to land, that job of course is the Presidency of the United States. While his words were meant to be a self-deprecating joke, Democrats quickly jumped on the millionaires words and today we know why, Mitt Romney is as rich as ever.

According to his campaign Romney is worth somewhere in the vicinity of $190 million and $250 million, so much money that they could be off by up to $60 million.

Romney’s estimated worth comes from an FEC filing and makes him by far the richest of current Presidential candidates.

There is some truth to Romney’s unemployed statement, regardless of how insensitive it is, he is unemployed, but he also collects millions of dollars each year as part of a retirement deal he struck with Bain Capital, the venture firm he ran until 1999. Romney also picks up some spare change (temp work) by speaking at various conferences where he brings in $68,000 per speech.

Romney also moonlights on the Marriott International board where he collects a measly $114,000 per year, slightly more than the millions of American’s who currently await jobs in unemployment lines around the country.

I’m all for a bit of joking on the campaign trail, but let’s be honest, making jokes about your job status when you collect millions of dollars each year probably isn’t the best strategy when you’re trying to win the Presidency in a down economy.