Leonardo DiCaprio Is Slowly Turning Into Jack Nicholson

Leonardo DiCaprio is slowly turning into Jack Nicholson. We’re not exactly paying a compliment to DiCaprio, as his transformation has more to do with his deteriorating looks than remaking Nicholson’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Although the two both have envious careers, that’s not the only similarity that the two share these days.

If you’ve been paying attention to Leonardo DiCaprio over the years you’ll know that this was a long time coming. Throughout his career the actor has always had youthful matinee idol looks, but always seemed to distance himself from falling into the trappings of being just a heartthrob in favor of a brilliant career. However, there’s a difference between making a statement that you’re a serious actor and won’t primp for anyone, and simply just not caring about your appearance.

DiCaprio was photographed playing volleyball on Sunday with his girlfriend Toni Garrn. At 39-years-old DiCaprio can now pass for the 77-year-old Oscar winner. Spotted with an unkept beard, oversized dark shades, and a receding widow’s peak hairline, the Titanic star looks like he’s auditioning to portray Nicholson in a biopic. Sure we can always chalk this up to Leonardo having some fun in the sun, but he’s been starting this great descent for some time now.

At one point DiCaprio even admitted that he could pull off a mean Jack Nicholson impression. Back in 2013 a Japanese interview went viral, when Leonardo did an impression of the legendary actor during the press junket for Django Unchained. Arching his eyebrows and pulling a face for the signature look, Leonardo impressed everyone in the room because it was such a feat to contort his face. A year later and he doesn’t even have to try to pull the Jack Nicholson transformation off. The actor is doing it effortlessly these days.

There is one upside to this creepy transformation and that’s the fact that Jack Nicholson is an Oscar winner. Although nominated practically year after year, most recently for The Wolf of Wall Street, DiCaprio hasn’t scored Oscar gold just yet. It’s still nice company to be in.

Before you completely write DiCaprio’s good looks off we should mention that he may bounce back from this. It’s believed that DiCaprio might be letting himself go for his upcoming role in the film The Revenant. In the film the star plays Hugh Glass, a 19th century American fur trapper and frontiersman, who explored the Upper Missouri River and is mauled by a grizzly bear and survives.

[Image via Warner Bros]